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Casa Giada was founded in early 2005. When our family began revitalizing this abandoned countryside, there was a small farmhouse with two rooms and some animal stalls. The lands were in ruins, the fields were covered only by weeds, and the majestic olives were languishing. Since then it has become our daily work, and with much love and passion we have given life to this land with hard work using only organic and natural methods and products. Today, our countryside thrives with hundreds of varieties of trees, plants and a wide variety of flora. We do not use any herbicide or pesticide, we are definitely against the use of any phytochemical in our property. Among the many trees are mainly ancient, old and young olive trees, along with varieties of citrus fruits, oranges, mandarins, limes and lemons, also persimmons, apples, pears, figs, grape, figs, carobs, nuts, almonds, avocados and ornamental plants among palms, eucalyptus, beeches, cypresses, and so many others.

We have built our property with protective and ecological sensitivities and every day we strive to maintain a constant commitment to respect these principles. We personally supervised the reconstruction of the new 3-bedroom home using materials of low environmental impact, and recycled all the materials of the old previous buildings. We have installed a photovoltaic and solar panel roof system, and we used energy-efficient materials in the foundation and in the internal and external walls.

The Salento area offers to travelers a wide range of attractions including various western and eastern coastal lines with enchanting landscapes, sandy and rocky beaches with pristine sea and plenty of nightlife with concerts and folk festivals. Also, important archaeological sites and places of great historic interest of prehistoric and ancient origin, from the Bronze age to the Messapian civilization and then to Magna-Graecia to the Roman Empire.


Casa Giada B&B is ideal for anyone looking for a very quiet retreat near the most important places of the Salento, including the beaches and the historic downtown of Gallipoli, Otranto, S. M. di Leuca, and Lecce.


Your Hosts

Roberto La Vita is your main host. He was born in Salento, but grew up in Florence, Italy, lived almost 30 years in USA, and has been back living mostly in Salento since 2005. Roberto's academic training is in art and architecture and he worked professionally also as an art director, as well as an interior and graphic designer in New York. He has been passionate his entire life about environmental and social issues, sustainable agriculture, herbal medicine, organic gardening, traveling, as well as creative activities such as painting, sculpting, and writing poetry.


Roberto will welcome you, and would be happy to host you anytime!


Giacomo, Roberto's son, and his wife, Jeanai, will be happy to assist you during their summer stay. They live in New York during the off-season. Giacomo was born in Florence, Italy, grew up in the USA, and works as a professional guitarist. Jeanai, who was born in the USA, is a professional opera singer and speaks French, German and Italian. They perform as soloists and together as the La Vita Duo:

Roberto La Vita

Giacomo & Jeanai La Vita

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