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Gallipoli and  Lecce

Modern Gallipoli with its "Old City" is spectacular and offers visitors a lot of points of historical, artistic and cultural interest as well as a rich day and night entertainment.

 Lecce is also known as the "South Florence" for its beautiful churches and baroque works.

All their beaches are uncontaminated, and are rewarded annually with the Green Flag, and often also in the premiums of the major Travelers Choices.

The summer time is dry and hot, refreshing only in the late evening when the local villages liven up with all kinds of fun!

Almost every night in the summer months there is a party or a "festival" taking place in the cities and towns of Salento. These festivals are based on local foods, especially seafood, fresh cheeses, hand-made pasta, bread or "friselle" flavoured with fresh tomatoes, basil leaves and extra virgin olive oil.

Here adults and children dance the traditional Pizzica in a square where a local music group performs. In every village, the inhabitants gather for a religious procession in honor of a local saint, ending the last night's party with fireworks. Not to be missed!

As hosts of Casa Giada B&B our priority is to give our guests all the information necessary to know this magnificent area of ​​southern Italy. This coastal area of ​​the Puglia Salento is also known as "Italian Jamaica" or "California of Europe" because of its ocean breeze, sunny weather and tropical plants such as bougainvillea, oleander, hibiscus, and different types of palm trees.


We provide a complete library of maps, guides and cultural articles about Salento peninsula and Apulia region with tips on things to do, places to visit, restaurants and even a day trip if you have time. Do not miss cities such as Otranto, Alberobello, Ostuni and the legendary Matera, where there are several films of the biblical era, including the remake of "Ben Hur" of 2016 and Mel Gibson's "Passion of Christ".

Salento is kissed all year round by the sun. In addition to artistic and cultural interest, to the excellent Mediterranean cuisine, and to the genuine hospitality, the entire Salento area boasts a fabulous landscape from the Adriatic coast to the marinas of Melendugno, Santa Cesarea Terme and Otranto, to the Ionian Sea and cities like Porto Cesareo, Porto Selvaggio, and Gallipoli.

Salento is the oldest civilization in the Apulian region, rich in art and history, a juncture of sounds, songs and popular music. Here the Middle Ages is stained with an oriental tint and, in the Grecìa Salentina area, you can still hear old nursery rhymes from some elders in Greek dialect. In the town of Melpignano, the ancient rhythms of Salento are accompanied by ethnic music of the Middle East and Africa in the famous Taranta Night Festival, which takes place on 24 August every year.

A green peninsula embraced by two seas, this is a magical land where mysterious dolmen and menhir indicate a path, they are hidden between olive trees and dry walls in the countryside


between Giurdignano and Minervino di Lecce, where ancient farms have been transformed into luxurious hotels and five-star tourist facilities. By hiking you can discover historic wonders such as ancient churches and hypogean olive oil mills. Try not to miss the natural wonders of the sea caves in Castro and Santa Maria di Leuca.

A stroll in the historic center of Lecce is a journey into Baroque, among churches and palaces built in stone, courtyards, secret gardens and an important Roman amphitheatre in the heart of the city.

In Brindisi, you can visit two beautiful castles and enjoy the view of Regina Margherita promenade.

In all the towns there are shops where craftsmen produce objects in papier-mâché and local stone.

The local cuisine boasts all the flavors of Salento, accompanied by excellent local wines - try ‘tria’ (homemade pasta with chickpeas), tasty wild vegetables and delicious cakes such as ‘pasticciotto’ and ‘spumone’ (good cream artisan sweets).

The beauty of its nature, the mystery of its rites, the magic of its popular legends, Salento still fascinates those who cross it between the scents and colors of its land. Whoever comes here has the feeling that time has stopped.


The encounter between mysticism and sacredness is in the execution of the passionate dance of Pizzica, animated by its overwhelming rhythms. The beat of the tambourine remembers the insistent sounds of an archaic world where dances and songs still animate the tradition of this enchanting land.

Here, in Salento, you can immerse yourself in a warm atmosphere of colors, scents, flavors and sounds that will make your holidays happier, unique and unforgettable.

We invite you to come and enjoy our peaceful oasis of paradise in an authentic Salento countryside just off the coast of the Ionian Sea.  

Thank you for considering
Casa Giada B&B as your choice of vacation or touristic visit  in Salento. We will make sure your stay is safe and memorable.

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